Affordable Editing and Proofreading

I work on my own from home. I don't have to charge you for neither personnel/rental costs, nor overhead expenses.
I ask for a flat rate of 0.03 per word. This includes my services as outlined below.
I will return your edited manuscript within 10 days (< 12.000 words) and within 14 days (12.000 - 20.000 words).
As your EDITOR, I make sure your manuscript is complete:
  • Are there errors in spelling or punctuation?
  • Have you avoided overly long sentences and made correct use of the passive voice?
  • Does your text follow APA guidelines, or the specific guidelines prescribed by the journal you are submitting to?
  • Does your manuscript include all chapter titles?
  • Are chapter titles, tables and figures numbered correctly?
  • Do you use footnotes, endnotes and appendices correctly?
  • Are there any sudden changes from first to third person?
  • Did you make correct use of quotations and citations?
  • Did you include all quotations and citations in the reference list and do the hyperlinks in your reference list work?
  • Does your reference list include authors not quoted or cited in your text?
I will also look at the bigger picture:
  • Are vocabulary, tone and style consistent throughout your manuscript?
  • Did you contradict yourself and does your voice carry enough authority?
  • Do I notice possible plagiarism or ethical issues?
  • Have you sufficiently developed your manuscript's content?
  • Do you need advice in reworking your paper? (without me writing or rewriting anything)
  • Do you need advice in organizing your paper's content?
As your PROOFREADER, I will then finalize your manuscript before submission for peer review by:
  • Correcting your text for syntactic accuracy.
  • Checking page numbers and page headings.
  • Checking the table of contents against chapter titles, page numbers, tables, figures and appendices.
  • Ensuring consistent styles – of spelling and hyphenation in particular – by following APA style, or the style preferred by the journal.
  • Ensuring that illustrations, captions and labels correspond with each other and with the text.
  • Checking that your research content looks right and is logically arranged.
  • Correcting technical publishing issues: page breaks, special characters, types of figures or illustration.


I will deal with all issues and errors that journal editors and peer reviewers do not wish to see. I analyze your manuscript for style and coherence, and check quotations, citations, numbers and references. The only thing I cannot do is ghostwrite a manuscript for you.